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Slatwall Mount Bowl

Slatwall mount 14" dia x 6.5"H bowl with arm-holder is a great display for loose merchandise. Overall display length from slallwall 16". Optional sign holder is 14"H x 5"Long Price: $40.00ea Item #: SW14BOWLSH Color: clear. ships by FedEx or UPS

1 pc Price: $40.00ea Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set1pc
Set of 2 pcs Price: $80.00/set Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set2pcs
Set of 3 pcs Price: $120.00/set Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set3pcs
Set of 4 pcs Price: $160.00/set Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set4pcs
Set of 5 pcs Price: $200.00/set Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set5pcs
Set of 6 pcs Price: $240.00/set Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set6pcs
Set of 7 pcs Price: $280.00/set Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set7pcs
Set of 8 pcs Price: $320.00/set Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set8pcs
Set of 9 pcs Price: $360.00/set Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set9pcs
Set of 10 pcs Price: $400.00/set Item #: SW14BOWLSH/set10pcs


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