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Gridwall Shelf Bracket with Adjustable Tilt Option

Adjustable tilt straight 12" long bracket with lip. Accepts shelf rests and bumpers for glass shelves. Works well with wood, bullnose plastic shelves or glass shelves. Price: $3.25ea Item #: GWKBA12 Color: chrome. Standard Pack: 24pcs (any quantity can be ordered, $3 broken box fee will apply). ships by FedEx or UPS

Set of 2 pcs Price: $6.50/set Item #: GWKBA12/set2pcs
Set of 4 pcs Price: $13.00/set Item #: GWKBA12/set4pcs
Set of 6 pcs Price: $19.50/set Item #: GWKBA12/set6pcs
Set of 8 pcs Price: $26.00/set Item #: GWKBA12/set8pcs
Set of 10 pcs Price: $32.50/set Item #: GWKBA12/set10pcs
Set of 12 pcs Price: $39.00/set Item #: GWKBA12/set12pcs
Set of 14 pcs Price: $45.50/set Item #: GWKBA12/set14pcs
Set of 16 pcs Price: $52.00/set Item #: GWKBA12/set16pcs
Set of 20 pcs Price: $65.00/set Item #: GWKBA12/set20pcs
Set of 24 pcs Price: $78.00/set Item #: GWKBA12/set24pcs


Gridwall Rolling Base, Grid Gondola Base  on wheels
Gridwall Shelf Bracket, Grid Wall Support Bracket, Gridwall Shelf Support Bracket
Gridwall Handbag Faceout, Grid Waterfall Display Faceout, Gridwall Purse Holder

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